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Document Why would a prescription be switched?

Your FP34 Schedule of payments outlines the following reasons why prescriptions have been switched:

Exempt to Chargeable

Switched due to part 2 containing a charge rate

This means that the prescription has been sorted into the wrong part of the batch; a chargeable prescription has been put in the exempt section. 

Switched due to part 3 being unsigned

This means that the patient did not sign the back of the prescription.

All exempt patients must sign and tick the back of the prescription. The only exception to this is when a patient is age exempt (under 16 or over 60) and their age or date of birth has been printed by computer directly from their patient record on to the prescription.

Chargeable to Exempt
Declaration shows claim for exemption

This means that the prescription was sorted into the wrong part of the batch: an exempt prescription has been put in the chargeable section.

Please note that claims sent electronically through EPS2 will be processed according to the exemption status within the electronic claim message and therefore cannot be switched.

If a pharmacy has not selected an exemption on an EPS claim message this will automatically default to paid.

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