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Document How do I as a contractor endorse an FP10 MDA prescription form?

You should complete the grid on the right hand side of the FP10 MDA form with the details of each separate instalment / interaction with the patient as specified by the prescriber.

You should include in this grid:
  • The date the instalment was picked up; each 'interaction' with the patient.
  • The drug dispensed.
  • The quantity dispensed.
  • Pharmacist’s initials.
All these details should match those that the prescriber has specified. If any instalments are missed by the patient, then you don’t claim for these.
You should also endorse the prescription in the same way as a regular FP10; providing any necessary pack sizes, manufacturers or prices.

Methadone oral liquid only

From April 2013 you can claim a fee for each separate dose packaged above the number of times the medicine was dispensed. The current fees are published in Part IIIA of the Drug Tariff. Click here to access the latest version.

To claim the fee:
  • You must endorse “PD” plus a numeric value e.g. PD3.
  • The numeric value must be the total number of doses packaged separately minus the number of times you have dispensed the medicine to the patient.
  • Where a numeric value is not provided, you will be paid one packaging fee. If the number of occasions when the medicine is dispensed equals the number of doses that have been packaged separately, this fee is not payable.

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