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Document What can my practice claim for as personally administered?

The following items are allowed as personally administered:
  • Vaccines (including oral vaccines)*
  • Anaesthetics
  • Injections
  • IUDs
  • Contraceptive Caps & Diaphragms
  • Pessaries which are listed as Appliances
  • Skin Adhesives as listed in the Drug Tariff
  • Sutures and Skin Closure Strips (must be listed in the Drug Tariff)
  • Diagnostic reagents (such as Dick Tests, Schick Tests and Tuberculin Tests)
* There are some exceptions e.g. vaccines obtained from Central Supply, Yellow Fever and Japanese / Tick Borne Encephalitis which are not allowed to be claimed by a practice.

The following items are not classed as personally administered so cannot be claimed by a prescribing only practice:
  • Dressings / Swabs
  • Catheters
  • Nebules
  • Hormone implants e.g. Implanon or Nexplanon
  • Chemical Reagents

Dispensing Doctors can claim for these items, however as they are not considered to be personally administered and unless the patient is exempt from paying for prescriptions they must pay the relevant prescription charge.

Oxygen cannot be claimed by a practice, even in an emergency situation, as it is not listed on the GMS Statement of Entitlement.

You can check individual items to see if they will be processed as personally administered by following the guidance in the related article below: ‘How do I use the DM+D browser on your website?’

The item will be processed as personally administered if, next to the PADM Indicator in the Product Information field of the item’s pack, it states ‘Attracts an administration fee.’

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