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Document A preparation requiring dilution or to be supplied in a solution has been prescribed. Will I be reimbursed for using a diluent such as purified water?

If a preparation requiring dilution or to be supplied in a solution is prescribed (such as a dry injection) a diluent such as purified water can only be reimbursed in one of the following two situations.
If neither of these two options are applicable then you will not be reimbursed for a diluent such as purified water.
Please note that if using ordinary water will result in a change to the preparation which can be avoided by using purified water, the prescriber should be advised of the potential change and, if necessary, issue a new prescription specifying that purified water must be used. Otherwise you will not be reimbursed for the diluent.
Diluent is ordered by the prescriber
If specified by a prescriber, you will be reimbursed for supplying an appropriate diluent.
Where purified water has been ordered, reimbursement will be made at the Drug Tariff Part VIIIA price.
Where the prescriber indicates that dilution is required but does not state the diluent to be used, we will allow any endorsement of diluent used and pay for this accordingly.
Area Team or LHB authorisation
If your local Area Team (AT) for England or LHB for Wales, after consultation with the Local Medical Committee and Local Pharmaceutical Committee, have decided that the water ordinarily available is unsuitable for dispensing purposes, and have notified you accordingly, you should use purified water and will be paid at the Drug Tariff rate, through local arrangements specified in the notice.
In this case, NHS Prescription Services will not be the organisation to pay for the diluent; your local AT or LHB would put this through on their local payment application. If you were to endorse the diluent on your prescription this would not be passed for payment.
If you are unsure of your particular local arrangements, please contact your AT for further advice.



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