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Document As a dispenser, should I check the patient’s declaration of exemption from prescription charges?

Yes, you should request the patient to show evidence of their entitlement.

Where the patient is unable to provide this proof, you should mark the prescription form or annotate the EPS release 2 prescription message as 'evidence not seen'. Where appropriate, you should also advise patients of the certificates which provide exemption from prescription charges and how to obtain them.

Where patients aren't sure if they're entitled to claim exemption from the prescription charge, you should advise them to pay the charge(s) and provide them with an FP57 Refund Form. This can then be used to claim a refund if the patient later finds that they were entitled to claim exemption from charges.

Further information can be found in Issue 19 of the Dispensing Contractors Hints and Tips. Click here to view.

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