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Document How do I use the DM+D browser on your website?

Click here to access the web page for the DM+D. 

To search for a product:
  • Firstly enter a drug to search and select VMP if it is a generic, AMP for proprietary or VTM.
  • All related products will be listed in the AMP or VMP windows under search results.
  • Click on the [+] next to the relevant product information to show the pack information in the VMPP box and / or manufacturers and proprietary items in the AMP box.
  • To view the prices for particular pack sizes, select VIEW next to the pack size in question. (If you want the price for a proprietary product or manufacturer you will first need to click on the [+] next to it in the AMP box. Then click VIEW next to the pack size in the AMPP box.)
  • The price will be displayed under Medicinal Product Price along with the previous price and the date when the price was last amended. (If you cannot see any information for the product at VMP level, then it is worth looking at the results under the VMP branch.)
  • You can also see in the Product Information section if the item is allowed in a non-dispensing practice (PADM indicator) or if it is allowed to be prescribed by a community nurse or dentist. You would need to look under prescribing information.

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