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Document What is the Urgent Medicine Supply advanced service pilot?

NHS England are commissioning the NHS Urgent Medicine Supply (UMS) advanced service pilot via referral from NHS 111, in order to reduce the burden on urgent and emergency care services of handling urgent medicines requests, whilst ensuring patients have access to the medicines or appliances they need.

In an emergency and at the request of a patient, a pharmacist can supply a prescription only medicine (POM) without a prescription to a patient who has previously been prescribed the requested POM; these ‘emergency supplies’ are made under the provisions and requirements of Regulations 225, 253 and Schedules 18 and 23 of the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 (HMR)3.

They include a requirement that the pharmacist has interviewed the person requesting the POM and is satisfied that there is an immediate need for it to be supplied and that it is impracticable in the circumstances for the patient to obtain a prescription without undue delay.

Patients contacting NHS 111 to request access to urgently needed medicines or appliances will be referred to a pharmacy that is providing this service for assessment and potentially the supply of a medicine or appliance previously prescribed for that patient on a NHS prescription, where the pharmacist deems that the requirements of HMR are met, e.g. the patient has immediate need for the medicine or appliance and that it is impractical to obtain a prescription without undue delay.

For the purposes of this service, any medicine or appliance that has previously been prescribed to the patient on an NHS prescription can be supplied as long as the requirements of the HMR are met; where the HMR refers specifically to a POM the same requirements are made for medicines or appliances that are not a POM.


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